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The CULTOOL Project

The CULTOOL Project aims to contribute to transfer structures and tools to support mobility in Vocational Training and Higher Education, particularly with regard to participation of SMEs and placements in organizations. CULTOOL is based on an innovative Virtual Classroom for the development and acquisition of intercultural competences by Vocational Training or University students and graduates who are participating in mobility programs or professional practices. These often take place in multicultural environments, thus improving student’s capacity for social and cultural integration together with the efficiency in their ongoing professional skills, fostering their employability.

The main expected outcomes of CULTOOL Project are:

  • An intercultural competences model for job placement programme beneficiaries.
  • The CULTOOL Virtual Classroom, for the acquisition and recognition of intercultural competences, available in English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • Pilot training tests with beneficiaries of job placement programmes in participating countries.
  • Intercultural Committees in each country for the Valorisation and Exploitation of Project results.
  • A dissemination and exploitation plan for the Project.

Intercultural competences

We are providing the following Intercultural Competences as part of the CULTOOL Project

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Organizational & members culture
  • Intercultural communication
  • Intercultural negotiation
  • Intercultural teamwork
  • Intercultural conflict resolution
"Intercultural competences have become transversal key competences for the management of Human Resources in 21st Century organizations"