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Intercultural Committees

Intercultural Evaluation and Assessment Committees:

Partners have created an Intercultural Evaluation and Assessment Committee in their respective countries for the assessment and valorisation of the project. The Intercultural Committees (ICs) are made of representatives from the business sector, Employment services, institutions managing work-linked training, social organizations and the academic field, either Vocational Training or Higher Education. All of them are involved in the development of professional practices in multicultural environments.

You can find more information about our IC experts here

The purpose for these meetings is to evaluate the project and assess its results, making recommendations about their applicability to training programmes aimed at getting human resources more prepared for the labour market. IC members are periodically informed about project progress and will meet several times during the project lifetime, in order to validate the results and take part in its development, giving their contributions and suggestions. You can see the meetings held to date in the section Project Activities

Intercultural Committees